Dream of Being Great

Years ago, more than twenty years ago when I first started running and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was often teased about my goals by my male running partners . “There she goes,” they joked, “dreaming again.” And here I am in the technological era – still dreaming.

I am a dreamer. But I’m also a realist. I set goals and envision what I need to do to make them happen. Of course, life – work and family – do get in the way, but work pays for running gear and race entry fees while family gives me love and support and, without either, my triad would collapse.

Over the past few months, I have pushed myself to get ready for the May 15th Goodlife Marathon, aiming for a 3:30 time – a very realistic goal. This came to a halt four weeks ago when I hurt my ankle which, in the end, is a side effect of driving my boys to school and activities on top of the more routine “Mommy errands” driving.

You do remember, don’t you, that I pulled out of the Hamilton Marathon with 4 weeks to go because I didn’t feel ready for it? Instead, I planned to run a great marathon in the Spring – which is now just 4 Sunday’s away. I’m tempted to bail on this one too (easy to do because I haven’t registered for it yet) but I can’t. The marathon has become a monkey on my back and I have to shake it off.

I can see myself running down Yonge Street, along Rosedale Valley Road, onto Lakeshore and finishing up University to the finish. I can’t picture all of Lakeshore because I’ll develop tunnel vision around mile 20. But I envision family, friends and crowds of strangers cheering me on. I dream of being great.

Twenty years later, I continue to dream.

A dream is a blueprint for courageous action.

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  1. I dream everyday. And for the most part, my dreams have come true with hard work and determination. Know that I'll be cheering you on from afar and I hope your ankle is feeling like new asap. Speaking of dreams, I hope the one I had last night never comes true …a bunch of my teeth were loose and I ended up losing about 15 teeth and they were all in my hand. I was freaking out. I told my husband this morning that when I woke up, I was so happy to feel I still had all of my teeth.

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