Thankful Thursday

“Behind every successful woman is a supportive husband.”

Tomorrow marks the first full year that I’ve had of running and racing. From Day One and up to Sunday’s half-marathon in Montreal, my husband has been there for me, either cheering me on (in his silent-type way), watching the boys or both.

Months ago, I asked him how he felt about my running. Did he honestly enjoy coming out with me or was it a labour of love?

“It would be different if you weren’t running as well, but you are. It’s pretty exciting.”

He watches and processes my running, but he never comments, other than he despises standing around to wait for awards. For him, that is a labour of love.

Tomorrow, for the first time in several really wet, cold, snowy or windy races (or any combination), races when I’ve suggested that he stay behind because the weather was miserable, we’re going together to a local 5K: The Good Friday 5K Race in Burlington.

I am thankful for the encouragement and support I get from my non-running husband and oldest son, as well as the enthusiam of my youngest speed-demon.

Now it’s your turn: who are you thankful for?

Tomorrow: The Montreal Half-Marathon, Part 2

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  1. So great to have a supportive partner who finds it exciting that you are doing well, rather than be resentful or jealous of it. That is rare – cherish it. Hope you two have fun tomorrow – I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy finish 🙂

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