Wacky Wednesday – In a Land Far Away

When the boys and I were driving back to Toronto from Montreal, we stopped at Wendy’s (read Junk Food) in Kingston, which is about half way between the two big cities. As we were leaving, I couldn’t help but notice this young man who walked in with who appeared to be his girlfriend. Noticing the Brooks black and green warm-up suit, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was one of the lead men I saw running in Montreal. Then, I noticed the Canada Running emblem on the back of a van, but I thought he was too young to have been a strong contender; he barely looked twenty.

When we reached another Food Centre (Tim Hortons) just outside of Toronto, I saw him again. This time, I found my cool and approached him.

Me: You must have run in Montreal this morning.
Him (face lighting up): Actually, I did. Um, how did you…?
Me (suddenly feeling giddy, like a kid in high school): I ran too. I saw you at Wendy’s in Kingston, and when I saw you here, I put it together. So how did you do?
Him: Good. 5th overall.
Me: Wow, what was your time?
Him: 67 minutes. I was hoping to run 65 but the wind was tough.

This had to be the runner that I sat in front of on the bus. But I kept cool and asked, “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name (meaning, are you really famous?).”
“Hi, I’m Cynthia.”

And we spoke briefly about my run, I congratulated him again, and I headed back to the car.

Once we were on the highway, I told Hubby about my new friend.

“I probably made his day. He’s going to get home and tell his mom that some old lady recognized him and talked with him about the race. He’s so young. He has to be about half my age.”

Of course, one of the first things I did when I got home was check out winning times. Lucas did run in 67 minutes but he isn’t half my age; he is less than half of my age! I’m probably older than his mother!

But, he was so well-spoken, leaving me quite impressed with our little encounter. It seems to me that elite men (you do remember that I rubbed elbows with world-famous Ed Whitlock too, don’t you?) are generally relaxed, level-headed and focussed guys. They run the way they speak – with intelligence, focus and an ironic sense of calm.

And, I’m feeling uber-cool because, within three months, I’ve met one of Canada’s youngest elite runners as well as the oldest. And, 80 year old Ed Whitlock, by the way, just finished running a 3:25 marathon! Now, that’s incredible!

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