In the Books!

Before I start, I want to thank all of my followers for sticking with me during my busy winter and spring. Between work and family, finding time to run has been a challenge; finding time to write about it is another; finding time to comment on your blogs (I do get around to reading them during the week and try to blitz through comments on the weekends) is tough. However, summer is on its way and that will give me more time to get everything done.

For those of you who have been faithfully following my marathon journey, you’ll remember that I was close to striking it from the books at the end of March. I was injured; I was told that I could run but it hurt when I did. In fact, it hurt so much that I didn’t want to run. I was ready to completely bail on The Goodlife Marathon but something happened: my “always finish what you start” sense kicked me – hard – and off to physiotherapy I went.

Prem, my physiotherapist extraordinaire, fixed my ankle in a week. After three sessions, I was able to run 12 miles pain-free. The following week, I ran the half-marathon in Montreal, I ran 18 miles (in 2:24) on Monday morning and 20 miles (in 2:42) today. Yes, I know I only had 4 days off in between the two long runs but it’s the only way this working mom could get in one more long run before May 15th.

Besides, I figured that running two long distances like that within days would mean I’m marathon-ready. And I am. I’m done. I’m ready to go. Just give me my bib number and a line to toe.

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