Wacky Wednesday – The Tunnel of Love

It’s almost a month after the Montreal Half-Marathon and I opened my bag of magazines and papers that I took with me. Among them, I found my list of things to write about when I returned. You guessed it: the Tunnel of Love was one of them.

That Friday night, during rush hour, we found ourselves driving through a tunnel. For the boys, this was different as our town doesn’t really have any. Like most tunnels, it was long and dark, but it had this funky white paint that seemed to glow. Both Skipper, who had a passion for trucks, trains and tunnels when he was younger, and Little Ironman commented on the design.

“Whoa, this is a long tunnel,” commented Skipper.

But Little Ironman had other things on his 5 year old mind. ” Hey, this would be a good tunnel to kiss someone in because it’s so dark.”

Oh yeah, I’m in trouble.

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