The Countdown is On

Ramblings on the day before…

Yesterday’s mishap did leave a bruise on my calf. I’m looking at this from a positive angle: of all the parts of that leg to hit, the ball found the one with the biggest muscle group and strongest muscles. Yup, I’m a muscle-mama. This can only mean that I will be fine.

Regardless, my chiro did a bit of work to loosen that area up this morning. I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing compression socks during the run and, thanks to Leah’s affirmation that it might be a good idea, I think that will probably be the way to go. I’m not sure, though, if Toronto is ready to see some chick running in compression socks with hearts on the side.

With the changing temperatures, I’m also not sure what to wear. I think I’ll stick with my original plan: a Running Skirt, of course. Long sleeves, short sleeves or arm sleeves are each still on the table.

Getting there is going to be my biggest challenge of the day. Little Ironman is going to a neighbour’s in the morning, being picked up by a friend for a birthday party and, then, being watched by another friend until we get home. Skipper and Daddy are coming with me, but with Daddy being at the end of his 4 day night shift, it is going to be a tough wake-up call.

Other than these last minute stresses, which everyone faces in some shape of form in the days before a big event, we’re good to go. Bring it on!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! I ran a 10 miler a couple weeks ago wearing my compression socks, first time I'd done that, I HIGHLY reccomend it!

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