Wind, Rain and Misthrown Footballs

None of them stopped me!

I finished – wet, cold and estatic – in 3:35:40. That’s a BQ, baby! Even better: that puts me in the first wave for registration!

The Stats!
2nd age group (45-49)
47/467 females
265/1296 marathoners

Race Report coming…

Author: Cynsspace

I am a 50+ mother of two boys, a wife, a dog owner, and teacher. Mixed in between, I train to stay competitive as a Masters Runner in the Canadian racing scene. This is my story "Cyn's Space" - the good, the bad and anything else that comes to mind.

14 thoughts on “Wind, Rain and Misthrown Footballs”

  1. As witness to her finish – it was amazing – she looked so strong and was smiling ear to ear. Emotional!! So proud of you Cynthia – you did it!!!

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