The Goodlife Marathon: Race Report, Part 1

I did something on Sunday that I’ve never done before; I posted my time from a run before I wrote much about the run itself. That alone symbolizes the excitement that I felt after finishing the Goodlife Marathon. I couldn’t wait to tell the world.

People who know me well often say that I bite off more than I can chew. I work hard, I’m not afraid to take on something new, and I follow through with anything that I start. This marathon symbolizes that too.

The Goodlife Marathon also represents the changes that I’ve gone through as an individual in the past year. I’ve learned to make time for myself, which also means that I’ve learned to ask for help and to accept offers of help from friends. I’ve learned to accept that things may not go according to plan but staying focussed will keep my goals in sight. And I learned that by digging deep, I had the courage that I needed to keep going with my training when, most simply put, life just got in the way.

On the weekend, I realized that I have guts. On Monday, back at work, I realized that I have a lot of guts.

The marathon is not just a 42.2k race. It is the reward of months of hard work and determination; it is the fun that puts things back in perspective and gives us balance.

And, bringing home a honking big medal is a real perk.

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