Wacky Wednesday – Impressing the Boys

Students in the Intermediate Division can be difficult to impress, to say the least. When I first started working in the grade 7-8 hallway, the girls were horrified to see me return from a run in my shorts, which is quite ironic when they wear casual shorts that are both shorter and tighter than my running shorts. Now, heads turn when I head out in my Running Skirts gear – either because they are impressed by my savvy fashion sense or can’t believe that I actually run in a skirt. The boys talk to me about my running and try to flatter me with offers to keep me company – to “help me out”, of course; on Monday mornings, I can usually top their athletic bragging rights when I tell them that I ran 18 miles on the weekend.

This Monday morning, I took my medal from the Goodlife Marathon to school. I don’t typically bring in my hardware but I had so much support from my co-workers that I wanted them to see the huge reward – the medal with a 5 inch diameter. It is so heavy that I could barely hold onto it after running the marathon; Skipper was quite happy to carry it for me.

At the end of lunch, I discretely carried the medal while walking through the grade 7-8 hallway and a few boys yelled out, ‘Whoa! Look at that medal! It’s huge!” Suddenly, I was surrounded by a group of teenagers who wanted to see it.

Last night, I took the medal with me to Skipper’s Boy Choir rehearsal to show one of the parents.

Me: I can impress any grade 7-8 boy.
Mom: Oh, can you now? How?
Me: Watch. Hey, Jake! Come here for a minute. Want to see my medal?

And I pulled it out. Jake, a music guy, looked at it and a huge smile covered his face. “WOW!”

Me: See. He’s smiling. And I did this at school too – all day long.

All you have to do to impress the boys is walk down a hormonal-filled hallway while carrying a medal with a 5 inch diameter.

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