Over the past week, in case you hadn’t noticed, I took a break from blogging. It wasn’t a planned break; it just happened. Family commitments were huge and work was exceptionally busy. I made time to run and workout – barely – but I couldn’t find time to read and write. My thoughts were consumed with running, though, and that resulted in a lot of self-reflection.

I am happy with how I ran in Toronto. My goal was to finish – to get that monkey off my back – and I ended up qualifying for Boston (although I may not go). My recovery was fairly easy and, to me, that indicates that I trained properly and was race-ready.

Looking forward, I have new goals, new aspirations to achieve:
1. Run a sub-20 5K. My PB is 20:53 and track starts in two weeks. Doable.
2. Run a fall marathon faster than the last. I’m not sure where this will be – possibly Toronto.
3. Run a “big” event in the next year. This likely means a trip State-side.
4. Teach Little Ironman to ride on two wheels. He is ready and I really want him to be able to ride 6K with me by the end of the summer.

Now that I feel that I’ve recovered from Toronto, work is not quite as busy as it was in the past two weeks and the boys’ activities are winding down, I’m ready to put in the energy that I need to take me there.

Here we go…..

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