Jitter bugs

I’m not typically nervous before a race – anxious, yes, but not jittery. For whatever reason, I am a bundle of nerves over tomorrow’s 5K, The Bread and Honey Race.

Perhaps it is because this is the first race that I’m running since the marathon. Maybe it’s because I have a time goal – 3 seconds faster than my last 5K – that I really want to meet. Or, perhaps it’s just simply one more thing on my plate during an already hectic week.

Shawn dropped off my race kit last night and the first thing I looked for was my bib: 1492, the year Columbus sailed. I remembered last year’s race in the pouring rain; I was so wet that my drenched running skirt started to slip below hips, leaving me grabbing it for the last kilometre of the run. Nice.

The Weather Network, though, continues to insist (yes, I checked more than once or twice) that it will be dry and sunny at 8:00 a.m. That wasn’t the case earlier today. Little Ironman and I planned to go to the park to practise riding on two wheels but that all changed at 10:30 when the skies opened and thunder roared through them. I again thought about Columbus sailing across the ocean again and wondered if I was being given a sign of what to expect tomorrow.

My clothes are ready, my bag is packed and I’m heading off to bed. All I need is a bit of lightning fast speed – without the actual lightning.

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  1. Hi Cynthia! I hope the 5k went well and you were able to shave those 3 seconds! You know I understand about hectic weeks, so I hope there is some time for you coming up soon. I loved your post about the dreaded (at least that's how we felt as 5th-6th graders) end of the year puberty talks – and the question your students asked you – lol :).

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