Wacky Wednesday: More on Boobs

Like my little grade 5 friend who wondered how this runner’s boobless body managed to feed two children, Little Ironman had his own set of questions.

That same week, after getting back from a run, I decided to bathe him while I was still in my quick-dry running gear: skirt and jogbra. LI looked at my jogbra or chest (not sure which) and asked, “Mommy, why do girls have those again?”

Not wanting to give my five year old too much information, I simply replied, “Mommies need them to help feed our babies.”

“Oh. But…you already have two kids.”


“So, you don’t need them anymore. You should sell them.”

If I planned on using that extra cash for groceries, my boys would truly starve.

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  1. Hilarious. Five must be the age when they start wondering about boobs. My 5yo asked some similar questions about my boobs this morning. She doesn't want me to sell them though. She just can't wait to have her own.

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