Staying Strong

There are many times that I’ve gone for a run and my mind has played games with me, telling me to stop, that I’m tired, that I can’t go on any more. I have to dig deep to find the strength to ignore it and keep going with the plan.

And now, off for a full week, my mind is playing those same games. This time, though, I’m being told that I can run. It doesn’t help that my physiotherapist started yesterday’s session with “Did you run yesterday?” And the fact that I don’t hurt when I walk or run up or down the stairs isn’t making it easy to stick with the plan either.

I have the full range of motion in my right leg now; as of yesterday, my ankle is able to touch my butt again – something I couldn’t do for weeks. But Gastroc continues to be a bit of a pain; the left side of my knee occasionally aches just enough that I know that I’m not ready to hit the road yet.

The only way I’m going to get through this non-running is to do something different. So tomorrow is the day to add something new to my training: walking. Yes, tomorrow, I’m going to walk the 6K loop that I love to run. I’ve also promised to take the boys swimming, which will give me a chance to practise bilateral breathing again. I just hope they don’t laugh at me.

I have one more week to stay strong; I can do it.

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