Plica: The Possible Cause

Well, two weeks of trying to be patient seems to be paying off. At physio today, I was told that the meniscus seems to be better and that I’m healing – so well, that I only need one therapy session next week. That’s good news.

I’m keeping my appointment with the Sports Medicine Doctor, though, as I’m still not running. In my eyes, as long as I’m off, I’m injured. Perhaps all I do need at this point is time, but I’d rather explore everything – even if it means giving into orthotics and (gasp) surgery – so that I don’t have to deal with this again.

Besides, my physio is still suggesting anti-inflammatories – and I finally popped two Advil tonight. Tomorrow, I’m hoping that I can get some prescribed at the walk-in clinic. And Prem used the plica word again tonight; it’s still there and settling down, and I want it eliminated.

So what exactly is plica? It’s basically tissue that lines the joints around our knees. We are born with it, and it disappears. However, it can redevelop if our knees are subjected to repeated movements like running; the extra plica, then, can become inflammed which, in turn, causes friction and pain.

How much of it do I have? I don’t know but, for the past week, now that the swelling is down, Prem has been able to feel plica under the knee. Can it be corrected? Yes. How? Rest, anti-inflammatories and, if those don’t work, surgery.

Am I worried? No. I feel like I’m finally getting to the solution. In Prem’s mind, my right leg is shorter so it is working harder to keep up with the left – applying more force, twisting more, etc. – and this has caused the growth of plica. The first step is to reduce the inflammation; I’m working on that. I should also consider orthotics to help with the extra inch issue on my left side; I’m considering that but want another opinion. And finally, I need to try to get a better view of what is happening inside my leg; hopefully, Dr. Elliott will help with that.

Meanwhile, I’m celebrating the fact that I only have to go in for physio just once next week. That’s the best indicator that there is an end in sight.

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