Things I Like About Me

C.Mom has this great post celebrating wonderful things about her. I thought I’d give it a try.
Three things I like about me:
1. I have balls – and not just the ones that I’m constantly juggling. I’m not afraid to take on challenges and my spring marathon is proof of that. The day before, my chiropractor asked me when I last ran one, expecting my answer to be a few years ago. When I told him 20, his comment was “Wow, that’s motivating. Going back at it after being away for so long – that takes guts.”

2. I like that my family supports me with my running goals but I put them above those goals. A run can wait; a 5 year old can’t. Nor can homework, dinner, choir practice, piano or swimming lessons. I have to put my boys first, which is easy to do because I know that they’ll let me run later. We help each other.

3. I like that I naturally inspire others to set goals of their own and work towards them. Honestly, I don’t even know how I do this. I’m just me and I do what makes the most sense and seems best to me. But, time and time again, over the past year especially, I’ve been told that I’m inspirational. I like that. No, wait: I love that.

Now it’s your turn. What are things that you like about you? And, when you finish, head over to C. Mom’s blog and link them in for a chance to win a great necklace from Lift Your Sole. But hurry! Contest ends tomorrow!

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