Competitive Facebooking

If you know me at all, you quickly learn that I don’t back down – from challenges or from difficult situations. This blog has chronicled many times that I have taken the bull by the horns.

Yesterday, though, I faced a new challenge, one which I never imagined. It all started with Kelly, from Secrets of a Running Mom, who posted another one of her 5 year old’s antics – something about being free as a bird.

Little Ironman is the same age as her daughter and equally hilarious. So, after he asked me the infamous toilet paper question, I couldn’t help myself. As soon as I got home, I topped her daughter’s “free as a bird” tale with mine. And while I was at soccer practice, Kelly left this challenge on my wall:

Alright Cynthia, I see your 5 yr old story & I raise you one. I was just given the opportunity to make the following deal with mine: “Ok mommy, if I fly THEN I can go where ever I want right?”

Ah, but now the cards were in my favour. Kelly’s daughter had already gone to bed and I was about to tuck mine in. So I asked him, “Honey, if you were a little girl and could fly anywhere, where would you go?”

“Well, Mommy, a 5 year old girl can’t fly anywhere. Only her mom and dad can. But I want to be invisible. Then, I can score all of the goals in soccer because nobody will see me and I can pee in the shower because you won’t see me.”

Before dawn rose, Kelly and I decided that our children shall never meet. However, we both realize that if they do, they will make an awesome pair of superheroes, LI with his invisible powers and his partner’s ability to fly anywhere.

At breakfast this morning, I described these Superheros (nameless, of course) to LI as the parents of a new Super Family. Little Ironman imagines that the son will be superfast, so fast that he can move from one place to another without anyone seeing him move; he calls him ‘Bolt’. His sister is equally talented and can do high jumps and amazing somersaults; she is “Gymini”, as in gymnastics.

So, yes, Kelly, our two shall never meet – unless, of course, it’s to help Disney or Pixar create a new movie. And, when they’re not busy with them, they can save the world.

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  1. Awesome!

    I don't have kids – well, not HUMAN ones anyway – but my 5 year old niece has come up with some doozies for me. It's amazing how a 5 year old can stump a normally somewhat articulate adult!

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