Wacky Wednesday

Hooray! Today we got Little Ironman on his bike without his training wheels – and he didn’t fall once.

While Skipper delivered his papers, LI and I went up and down the street many, many times so that he could practise starting and stopping. Suddenly, out of the blue and half a block away, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Mom, did toilet paper exist when you were little?”

I bit my tongue; five year olds don’t understand sarcasm. “Yes,” I called back.

“What about basketball nets? Did you have those when you were little too?”

Visions of Naismith’s peach baskets popped into my head. Just how old does LI think my bones are? I caught up to him with my old, creaking bones and reminded him that it was me – the mom, not the dad or the brother – who taught him how to ride on two wheels. Then, I wondered how long it would take him to ask me about dinosaurs.

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  1. How precious! I love the questions that kids ask. We had a conversation about phones the other night and my kids were floored that there were CORDS! So, how did we take the phone in the car with us?? If only they knew…

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