To The Batbike

Last night, I went downstairs to ride and discovered this: Batman, Robin and Nightwing had commandeered my bike. Why exactly, I’m not sure, but they were pretty serious about staying on it for a while.

Little Ironman tried to negotiate with them but it was no use; apparently, the Superheros needed my bike because it was the fastest Bat-vehicle in the house.

Ha! My bike – the fastest vehicle in the house. Later, though, I realized that the Superheros were right; my bike was becoming a real machine. I’ve always spun for cross-training – and to keep my sanity on winter nights when it is too cold to get outside. Over the past month, since I haven’t been running, my cycling has really improved, increasing from 4 or 5 times a week (13 to 15 miles each time) to 5 or 6 rides at 16 to 19 miles each; this week’s goal is to ride at least 18 miles each time.

When school starts in September, I want to have time for both running (assuming that I’ll be burning the soles of my shoes by then) and this same level of cycling. Now that Little Ironman is a big grade 1er and is moving to his big brother’s school, I only have one drop off in the morning, which means I have an extra 45 minutes for me! Now 6:00 a.m. means that I can cycle and stretch before getting the little darlings and me out of the house for school and work.

My August goal, then, is to transition from my night riding to early mornings. Then, when I start running again, I have the evenings for that.

Now if Batman could work with Wayne Enterprises to develop some microbodies for my knee, I’d be all set. And, then, I’ll be able to show him my other machine.

4 Replies to “To The Batbike”

  1. Oh this is great! i swear by the bike and obviously so do all the best super heroes. i believe your running will only continue to improve by continuing to cycle. Keep treating that knee & gastroc right – can't wait to see you running full speed ahead very soon!

  2. I'm telling you…that one-stop-drop will change your life! I, too, am looking forward to school starting 😛 Love the Batman, Robin and Nightwing on the bike 🙂

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