If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Last Sunday, I tried to run for the first time in 4 weeks and it was a complete fail. After a hundred metres into the run, I could already feel the pain in my right leg. I had to call it quits.

On Friday, I had some encouragement from Dr. Elliott and from what seemed to be a successful acupuncture session. The next day, I took LI out on his bike (with me walking) and found myself running after him for about 500 metres – no pain! So, today, I decided to try heading out again – alone so that if I had to stop, I wouldn’t end up with a cranky 5 year old who felt ripped off by a “bad run”.

However, as soon as LI saw my running skirt, his eyes lit up. “Please, Mommy, I want to ride my bike.” He knows; those words get to me every time.

So the two of us headed out towards a trail as there was less traffic to worry about and less impact
on my leg. I planned to run his pace, which was hard to keep up with on Saturday. Today, though, I found myself passing him. Poor guy! I don’t know who was more excited: LI because he was riding far and fast, or me because I was running.

Almost two miles later, I decided to stop while my knee still seemed fine. It wasn’t hurting but it was tight under the patella. I’m not sure why; perhaps it has to do with getting the joints moving quickly again. It’s on my list of questions for my next physio session.

And now, after an hour of cycling, my knee feels fine again. I can’t help but be excited by this and start to think that some of my August wishes might become reality. One day at a time….

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