Moving Forward

Two months ago, I had planned to run a 30K race at the end of August. That is now completely out of the question, as is the 10 mile race that I had registered for back in the winter.

But I’m starting to feel positive that I will be running at the end of this week and have a couple of hopes, all much shorter (and realistic) distances:

1. Acura 5K (August 14th). This is the smaller race that starts with the 10 miler that I registered for. The race organizers are able to transfer my entry to the 5K so, if I’m running next week, I’ll be at the starting line on the 14th. My only reason to run this is (1) I’ve already paid for it and (2) it will help me establish where I am after being off.

2. Sunset Shuffle 6k (August 18th). Held at Ward’s Island, this is a favorite race for my family. Hubs is planning to run it so we’ll be there anyway. If I’m not running, I can likely sell my entry (it will probably sell out this week) or I can tag along with Little Ironman, who is itching to do a long race with the adults.

3. Carrotfest 5K (August 20th). I missed the Ontario Masters 10K Championship race in July so I really want to run this as it is the Ontario Masters 5K Championship. It’s still 2 1/2 weeks away which gives me plenty of time to mend and train a bit.

The tightness that I’ve been feeling in my knee is a result of it still being swollen. The only thing I can do is rest and, so, I am. Everyone, though, seems to think I’ll be back on the road over the weekend. That is my greatest hope of all.

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