Wacky Wednesday

For weeks, I’ve been wanting to get Little Ironman on just two wheels but, mentally, he just hasn’t been ready. So daily, I took him out for a long bike ride, trying to get him feeling more comfortable. About two weeks ago, I knew the training wheels were ready to come off but I waited to develop his confidence just a little bit more. Finally, on Wednesday, we set him free. Beauty!

Of course, it would have been much easier for him if we hadn’t pulled off his training wheels on one of the hottest days of the year. He rode (and I walked) a few kilometres in the hot, humid weather and it wasn’t long before he decided to take off ahead of me. When he got to an intersection, he waited, crying out, “Oh man! Now I’ve got to pull the underwear out of my butt!”

A true cyclist.

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  1. Awesome quote!! My youngest dropped her training wheels this year and we go on lots of short bike rides now. Such a great family thing to do.

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