Look at Me! I’m Cool!

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school invited me to stay with her during our 30th high school class reunion. It took 30 years but finally felt that I was one of the cool kids.

And last week, Leah over at Chasing Atalanta tagged me with the questions and answers so it looks like I’m still cool.

So go ahead; ask away. What have you been wanting to know about me? And, if you’re linking to this from Facebook, you can ask away there too and I’ll include you in the answers.

2 Replies to “Look at Me! I’m Cool!”

  1. High school reunion! Wow I wish I went to mine. My question: did you run in high school? Also, post a high-school pic of yourself! (And if you dare me I'll do the same lol)

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