Wacky Wednesday

Adam over at The Boring Runner is conducting a survey on opinions about being called a jogger versus a runner.

This reminded me of a long early morning winter run when I was out with the big boys. Shawn and Graham had underestimated the distance, which was fine for these Boston-bound lads but I was hurting. Playing the tough guy, though, I sucked it up and kept up with them.

“Are you sure you don’t want to turn around here? We can catch up with you,” Graham asked.

“I’m good.”

When they asked again, I replied, “Yeah, sure, leave the gal on her own. I can see the headline in The Beaver: Female Jogger Found Dead in Ditch. And that will only piss me off because they called me a jogger.”

So, yes, Adam. It makes a difference to me.

What’s your opinion? Go over to Adam’s blog and include your vote.

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  1. I feel like I remember you posting about that run. It's been really interesting to hear the people who have said that yes, it matters to them or no it doesn't.

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