Jumping Back In

During the winter, The Canadian Running Series offered a significant discount for this weekend’s 10 mile (or 5K) race in Toronto, bringing the price to $30. At $3/mile, that was a steal; the shirt alone made it worth registering. So I did.

But then, June came and my leg was sore. July arrived and I wasn’t running at all. By the end of the month, I had given up on the 10 miler but still hoped that I might be ready to run the 5K. The CRS said that they would transfer my registration over if I wanted; all I needed was for Gastroc to cooperate.

And he did. On Monday evening, I emailed the CRS again and requested that my entry be switched. Done. But…there was one tiny little problem….

They listed my projected finish time as 32+ minutes for this corralled race. At first, I thought I misread what should be more like 22 minutes. I even enlarged the font on my computer. No; 32+ minutes it was.

Where did that come from? My projected 10 mile time was 73 minutes so they obviously didn’t look at that. Then, I realized that female, 47, and asthmatic are listed on my entry. Yup, those three adjectives do not paint a favorable picture of me as a runner at all.

But the 32+ minutes does have me riled up just enough to look at Sunday morning as more than a casual 5K. I’m ready to show them (whoever “they” may be). I’m pumped to kick some ass.

But first, I have to switch my projected finish time to 21+ minutes – and hope that Gastroc is as ready as the rest of me is.

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