Wacky Wednesday

Now that I’ve started to run again and am trying to slowly build up my mileage, I’m paying more attention to my right leg than ever. For the past two weeks, I’ve been regularly glancing at my legs, looking for differences in their sizes or colour, and I’ve been palpitating the knee areas, making sure that they feel the same.

Yes, I’ve become paranoid about Gastroc’s re-entry to the running scene, worried that something might (gasp) go wrong. To help monitor the little things that I can’t see, I’m continuing with a weekly physiotherapy session and regular acupuncture; once I’m sure that I’m in the clear, I’ll wean myself off.

On Monday, after Sunday’s race, I saw Prem, my physiotherapist.

“Straighten your leg out,” he said, “and flex your knee for me.”

I did – three times – and he smiled.

“That looks good. You’re starting to get your dimple back.”

Dimple! I didn’t even know my knees had dimples!

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