Thankful Thursday

My family headed over to Ward Island tonight to run (or watch) The Sunset Shuffle 6K, in support of the Mount Sinai Sports Medical Clinic run by Dr. Ron Taylor (also the legendary pitcher who was helped win two World Series). The logistics of getting to this race – travelling to Toronto, parking, taking the ferry – make it a difficult one to run, especially with the boys. But Dr. Taylor was my GP when we lived in Toronto, he still sees my husband and he knew Skipper when he was just a fetus. So, really, how could I not want to support this run.

This summer, I simply accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be racing The Shuffle this year. A few weeks ago, when Dave suggested that we register, I thought he was crazy as I wasn’t even running at that point. But then I realized: he wanted to run the 6K. So, I registered him – and me.

My reasoning was quite simple. First, the race was likely to sell out so I could likely sell my bib if I decided not to run. Secondly, Little Ironman has been wanting to run an adult races for months; I could always hang out at the back of the pack and walk/jog the 6K with my 5 year old. Really, though, I hoped that I would be able to run the distance myself.

On Monday, I realized that I was actually going to be able to run this race and was glad that my husband suggested that we go for I would have been upset if we missed it. And I’m grateful to my friend, D, who came over to the Island just to watch Skipper and Little Ironman.

How did I run? That’s tomorrow’s post. (Or you can follow me on FB since results are already posted there.)

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  1. Thanks for once again a great, and provocative blog post. Just a couple of clarifications about the pump though, it doesn't give me insulin based on what it senses in my body. I have to check my blood sugar first, and THEN dial in a level of insulin to give…so I very often do have low blood sugars when I run, this happens if the amount of insulin I give is even slightly mismatched to what I need for my level of activity. Figuring out this balance is tough. Yesterday on my run I had a very scary episode of low blood sugar. Ironically, the challenge in races is that I always go hyperglycemic (high blood sugar), which affects my performance drastically, and is very frustrating as I run much faster when my blood sugars are controlled well (i.e. like they are most of the time in training). So its always frustrating for me as I know I'm a faster runner than what my races reflect, so in no way does this pump give me an advantage. Its been an impossible struggle to try to manage sugars on race day so that my performance can reflect my ability, and only once have I been able to do that so far. I wish there was a sensor that could just adjust my blood sugars while I run! That would be plain awesome. Maybe you can patent one for me 😉

    I agree with you on your stance on Pistorious btw, I can't believe the media is giving him such grief.

    Thx again,
    D 🙂

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