Great Things Happening Here

At the time of writing, school starts in 41 hours and I’m a little bit panicky about it – if you couldn’t tell by the fairly accurate hourly estimation. Okay, perhaps I’m not that worried about it because I only measured the time in hours, not in hours/minutes/seconds. But it’s the first day of school and we teachers always worry about the first day back.

This year, I’m especially excited about Day One because I’m going back into the classroom. After working as a Special Education Resource Teacher for the past four years, I’ve decided to face a class of students again. I took the position in May but wasn’t able to share that information until teaching assignments have been officially released to the public; that was hard and I spent most of the summer itching to spill the beans.

The past two weeks have been busy: planning, cleaning, setting up the classroom….The list is endless. One of the great things about teaching is there is always something else to do; it keeps me busy and challenged – two things that I love.

However, last week I did not want to be busy with work. I wanted a little more time so that I could write and share the amazing week that I had in my running life. I wanted to write about the race where I placed first female, about the best ever interval session I had on Wednesday, and the running clinic that I started to coach yesterday. I wanted to share that this is the highest mileage week that I’ve had since the beginning of June (with a little bit of achiness, though) and that it looks like a fall half-marathon is in the cards.

Life is a balancing act, a constant juggle of priorities. But, for the first time in years, I’m starting to feel that I’m getting better at it.

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  1. I know all about that race you placed first female, I didn't see u there but saw your name on the list. I was so proud of you. I looked around quickly but as soon as I finished my race I had to leave, could not have DD around all that nuts infested chocolate 🙁

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