Knowing When to Call it Quits

Today’s plan was to run 10 miles. It should have been easy enough as I was just shy of that last week, and I ran a fast 8 miles with Shawn on Wednesday.

Perhaps it was the long week that I had at work – with 6 cross-country practices and a coaching clinic yesterday morning – that drained me. It could be the cold that I’m fighting. Or, perhaps it was the longer mileage that I accumulated last week after being off for most of the summer. Whatever it was, it stopped me from running my goal distance.

After sleeping in this morning (and skipping Church to do so), I headed out feeling good. Three miles into my run, my breathing seemed off. Less than a mile later, I knew what I had to do: bail while it was still easy to do so and log 5 miles instead.

Am I disappointed in me? Not at all. Last week, I ran 22 miles – which may not sound like much but it is the longest weekly mileage I’ve had since the beginning of June – and I still ran a total of 19 miles this week. I’m racing a 10K next Sunday, and I have other racing goals for the fall. I don’t need to burn myself out on a training run this early in the season only to jeopardize the “big” ones.

I can’t make up this run, but I can comfortably write it off. There are plenty of other weekends ahead to conquer my 10 miler.

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