What a Whirlwind September was!

This past week has perfectly summed up my past month: racing again, incredibly busy at work and constantly juggling the demands that come with parenting. On two days, I watched those worlds collide.

But, in between those days, the worlds also came together. On Monday, after a frustrating day at work, I decided to bake some cookies; for whatever reason, the sound of a mixer is therapeutic. Not tonight, though. I needed more. Less than an hour later, I was pulling on my running gear.

“Please, Mommy, I want to come with you.”
“It’s dark, Sweetheart. I’m going alone.”
“I promise I won’t stop, Mommy. I’ll ride as fast as I can so you won’t have to stop and wait for me.”

Hmm, I’ve heard those words before. Skipper’s job as bike buddy has slowly been taken over by Little Ironman, who is off his training wheels and becoming his own machine. Is it worth arguing with a child who wants to exercise?

I reminded myself that I didn’t need to run hard as I had just raced the 10K the morning before. I also realized that dragging LI out for 5 miles would guarantee an easy bedtime. So, I clipped a Road ID firefly on the back of his sweater and we headed out the door.

Thirty-five minutes and close to five miles later, LI parked his bike in the garage and headed to the bathtub. Soon after, he was sound asleep and I was back to planning lessons.

The giggles that we shared and the hug good-night made this run worth the effort of juggling the balls (school, family, fitness). Now if I could just figure out how to keep them up in the air for the next 7 months, training for Boston will be a piece of cake.

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