I might have just impressed the boys

This morning was one of “many firsts in a long time.” Knowing that I had a busy day ahead of me, I dragged myself out of bed in the dark to run – something I haven’t done since spring. The temperature dropped considerably last night so I ended up running in 5 degree temps (celcius); again, the last time I ran when it was that cold was at the marathon in May.

One of the firsts that I am most proud of, though, is the distance – 10.3 miles. I tried to run it two weeks ago but I had everything going against me. I started late in the day, I was exhausted from the busy start of back to school, it was hot and my meds for asthma were down to empty. Last week I raced a 10K so today was the first time since that I could try again. I knew that pacing was key so I went out slowly and finished 77 minutes later, giving me a 7:28 mile pace. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

For two weeks, running that route had become a bit of a monkey on my back. The last time I ran it was the day that Gastroc really started to nag at me. It was the beginning of the arguing that Gastroc and I had all summer; I wanted to run but he just wouldn’t let me. Now, after weeks of physiotherapy, acupuncture and purchasing orthotics, Gastroc has given up. He has packed his bags and moved out – hopefully, for good. And, I’m feeling great. Finishing that distance and that route this morning tells me that I am ready to push again.

Today marks the longest run that I’ve had since June 12th and it marks the longest weekly mileage that I’ve had since mid-May. Yes, I’m smiling about those firsts too.

But the first that makes me giggle the most is Skipper’s reaction when I got back home. The boys were getting ready for Church and Skipper wanted me to brush his long hair (which, by the way, he has been growing for the past 12 months for charity). When I stood in front of him, he complained, “Ah, Mom!”

“I didn’t pull your hair,” I told him.

“No, you stink! Can you do this quickly, please. Yuck!”

Really? Me, who takes great care in laundering so that her clothes last and last? I stink? Unbelievable!

And, then, I felt pretty proud of myself: my 11 year old son just complained about body odour – on me! For some strange reason, I’m feeling pretty proud about that too.

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