This summer, I counted umpteen days when I was thankful that I lived in Canada. Our health care is excellent and when services aren’t covered by the government, I can usually count on my work benefits to do so.

In August, Dr. Elliott, my sports med. doctor, suggested a Durolane injection for my knee. He felt that my knee needed to be treated as osteo-arthritis, not as a typical tear or injury. The durolane, he said, is a one-time injection that would lubricate the knee and help protect the joint for up to 9 months. I asked if it would mask any pain and was told ‘no’. Dr. Elliott felt it would be a win-win.

Usually I trust doctor’s advice without question but this time, I hesitated. I needed to do more research first. And, I needed to find out if there really was something wrong with my knee.

The first thing I did was check my benefits plan as the injection is expensive – really expensive. Mine did not cover it, but my husband’s did. Now, it was just a matter of choice; would durolane be right for me?

I searched on the web and everything I read was negative. My sample size was limited, though; I couldn’t trust it. I called my chiropractor to see if he had ever heard of it – no. I checked a medical site and found all sorts of information about the drug and, while it did sound like it would help, I still wasn’t convinced. What I really needed was a diagnosis.

My MRI was at the beginning of September and I just got my results two weeks ago. Yes, there is a tear – a micro one at the back of the knee. Should I worry? No, said my doctor, because I am not showing any clinical signs; it is more like osteo-arthritis, he said again. Dr. Elliott also told me that since running is directional movement, the knee is more controlled. If I were a hockey, soccer or basketball player, it would probably mean taking time off. Thank goodness that I run.

Once again, Dr. Elliott suggested Durolane to offer more cushioning to that area of the knee. The decision suddenly became easy. I did want it to make things more comfortable for me. It did seem that it would only help. Sold.

This past Thursday, I headed to Dr. Elliott’s office for my injection. As expected, my knee was sore but I was able to ride the next day, and run just two days later. Progress.

And now I am more confidently building my mileage base and feeling ready to run for both distance and speed – but not at the same time yet. Soon, though, very soon.

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  1. Wow! I think I would have researched it a ton before deciding to get it too! It sounds like you made the right decision! Yay for making progress! ๐Ÿ™‚

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