Making It Work

At one point or another, we have all been faced with a challenge or task that may initially seem impossible. Think back to when you first started running, for example, and you wanted to run a 5k or 10K but could barely make it through the first kilometre without stopping. Think about how many races you have finished since then and how each success has quickly led to another.

“The human body can only do so much,” I once wrote. “Then, the heart and soul must take over.”

Many years ago, I was no runner. In grade 6, I dreamed of being great – like Terry Fox – and I spent that summer running a mile every day, but that’s all I could do – and I did it slowly. In Grade 10, I wanted to be on the track and field team and ended up running the 1500 metre event; I finished last – dead last. By Grade 12, I was slightly more athletic but still struggled to keep up with my classmates, whom I envied because they made running seem so easy.

In my late 20’s, I became a half-decent runner. Sometime between Grade 6 and moving out of my parents’ house, I realized that I had to push myself to go the distance I wanted and, then, I had to push myself again if I wanted to go faster. Once my heart and soul took over, I was able to accomplish some goals.

This is something we see again and again in our lives. It’s one thing to dream or want, but it’s something entirely to make it happen.

In the same way, when we encounter life’s challenges, we sometimes need to dig deep in order to deal with them. We need to accept them, plan for them, and push ourselves to deal with them – like them or not. This is one of life’s greatest lessons.

Challenges, running or otherwise, are overcome when there is committment. All you need is a plan to make things work.

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