Wacky Wednesday

A few week’s ago, we had our parent-teacher-student interviews or, as we say in Ontario, student-led conferences. On one of those many late nights at school, I stepped out of the classroom and saw a man whom I didn’t recognize.

I assumed that he was a father of one of my students but, never having seen him before, I wasn’t sure. So I had to be careful not to say the wrong thing.

“Hello. Cynthia O’H,” I said as I put out my hand to shake his.

“Hi, I’m Kain’s dad. Kain and his mom are on their way; I’m a bit early,” he replied. Then he looked at me and added matter-of-factly, “You’re a runner.”

I thought about Kain telling his parents stories about Mrs. O’H. running, Mrs. O’H. going to Boston….and I answered, “Yes.”

“No, you’re a real runner,” he continued. “I’ve seen you running. And you run far. I’ve seen you miles away from here.”

“Hmmm,” I thought. “This dad just earned his son an A!”

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