I Think I Did Something Good

On Friday night, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to check the BAA website to see if there were any updates about “The Weekend”. Skipper walked in and peeked over my shoulder.

“Oh, is that the Boston site?” he asked – and quite rhetorically, I should add.
” Uh-huh. I’m just checking out the weekend’s events. There’s a 5K on the Sunday before the marathon.”

One question led to another, we read through the 5K page, and finally he asked, “Mom, do you think I could run the 5K?”
I was shocked. Except for cross-country in the fall, Skipper has never really shown much of an interest in running himself.
“Well, you meet the age restrictions and we’d have to try to register you. If you want to do it, that’s fine, but you have to train for it. You have 3 months and I can help.”
The conversation ended and he went to bed.

This morning, two days later, Skipper came downstairs and asked for a drawstring bag.
“So that I can run home from Church. I’m going to train for the 5K in Boston.”

And he did. Skipper packed athletic clothes, changed after the service and ran part of the way home – 0.6 miles.
Less than 5 minutes later, he walked in the door, grinning and cheeks rosey-red. And, like his mother, one of the first things he did was calculate his pace – 7:08 minutes per mile.

Tonight, just before bedtime, he checked tomorrow’s forecast.
“Mom, it’s going to be warm tomorrow. Can I run after school?”

Is this starting to sound like somebody you know? Without trying to, I think I’ve created a – gasp! – runner.

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  1. Sweet đŸ™‚ My daughter ran one year of cross country and didn't enjoy it, the other day she said to me “I think I want to start running again!” about made me cry!!

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