It Takes a Community

“It takes a community to raise a child” but it also takes one to build a runner. After the past week, I’m lucky to have so many supports around me. Last week was evidence that my family and friends are completely behind my running goals.

On Wednesday, I run with TOC. Little Ironman was happy to see me head out the door because I was dropping off his library books on my run to the rec. centre; the rest of the house was happy to see me go because I was turning into a bear after being back at school for only 2 days.

Saturday morning, I led the 5K Clinic at The Running Company. Since I had to be there, getting out the door was easy. Then, even though I ran with the group, I headed out to do my own run after because I was already dressed to run.

The real proof, though, was on Sunday, when I had to find time to run 13 miles in an already packed day. My choices were to wake up early to run at 6:00 a.m. in dark streets and -15C temperatures or have Dave drive me to a noon appointment so that I could run home from there. Without hesitating, he agreed that I should do the early afternoon run and Skipper offerred to play with LI when Daddy was out. The family was on board.

And, to top this off, one of my Super Friends was also there to help. Katherine the Great took Skipper to Church at 8:30 on Sunday morning, which completely freed up my time so that I could crawl back into bed for some desperately needed sleep. And that I did – for two heavenly hours.

Today, my principal told me that how he excited he was to see me running when he drove past me on Sunday. Since he first started working at my school last March, he has supported my running and is incredibly excited that I’m going to Boston (and I can’t wait for Running Skirts to unveil their green compression socks because he wants me to wear our school colours).

Ironically, I had very little contact with my biggest support group, my online running friends, because I was off the grid. I had to be as life got in the way – back to work, busy family, sick dog, fitness. Life is like that sometimes; you can’t always do it all. Balance.

Last week was a test of my committment; I passed. More so, though, it was a chance for me to realize how lucky I am that I have support and so many people who believe in me and my chasing my dreams.

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