Wacky Wednesday

As much as I love my job and children, there are some days that I dread being around primary children.  Their noses run, they pick their noses, they eat what they pick out of their noses, they forget to wash their hands…You get the picture.  One of the first things I figured out as a teacher was to never share a pencil or pen with a kiddo; you never know where their hands have been.
At recess, they can attack teachers by surprise.  I can’t tell you how many times that I’m standing out in the school yard, watching the cherubs play and – WHAM! – one of them has slipped a hand into mine.  Yuck!

On Sunday, I finally felt that I got even while I was running Around the Bay in Hamilton, Ontario.  I decided that I wanted to have fun with the race and high-5 every boy or girl who had his/her hand out.  After about an hour of running, sweating, wiping my nose on my fingers and getting sticky gatorade all over me, I high-5ed two boys.  And, then, it hit me:  “Haha!”  I thought. “My hands are dirtier than yours!”

Next time, I think I should lick the gatorade off my hands too.

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