Wacky Wednesday

We’ve all had them:  conversations with non-runners about our races.  One of my more senior co-workers, genuinely interested in my running but also completely clueless about distances would often ask, “So did you run any marathons over the weekend?”  I always tried to reply respectfully with “No, but I had a good training run,” or “I ran a great 10K race.”    I just couldn’t find the right words to explain that not every race is a marathon.

Last weekend, when we crossed the border, Dave was questionned by the Mr. Customs Officer.

Customs Officer:  Where are you from?
Dave: Oakville.

CO: And where are you headed?
Dave: To Boston.

CO: The reason for your visit?
Dave: To run the Boston Marathon.

CO: How long?
I proudly sat up and wanted to tell him “26.2 miles, just like every other marathon.”
Dave: Four days.

“Oh,” I thought.  “That’s what he meant.”
Some days, it is really hard to stop being a runner.

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