Wacky Wednesday

Without a doubt, Little Ironman is going to be a boob-man.

I know; other parents are busy bragging about their kids who will become Nobel Prize winners or will run the marathon distance at the Olympics.  Me?  Once again, I’m writing about comments my 6 year old makes about boobs.

Last year, it was the suggestion that I sell my boobs as I don’t need them anymore since I already have two boys.  In the winter, he couldn’t figure out what the deal about breasts were; “Not everyone has them,” he claimed, “not even you.”  And now….

While playing hide and seek, Little Ironman found his way into my closet.  When he climbed out, he must have put his hand on a shelf and brushed against the sports cups/shells that we gals wear in our jogbras – to support what is there or to pretend that there is something there – and he burst into giggles.

“Oops, I just touched one of your boobs.”
“LI!” I cried. 
“I mean fake-boobs.”

The kid has a point – that and a future in marketing.

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