Here We Go Again

It’s Raceday Eve.  You know what that feels like – you check the weather every hour, plan your gear, pack your bag, try to sleep and check the weather again.  Some things never change.

Tomorrow is the first time I’m racing – I mean really racing – in over a year.   Yes, I ran in a few over the winter but I only ran them to help with my marathon training – to push myself in a good speed workout or to do a long run with thousands of others rather than hit the roads alone. 

When I got back from Boston, I knew that I needed to run a longer race in the spring.  While May had two half-marathons and two marathons that I could have run, running any of them would have been more of a knee-jerk reaction; I wanted an “A-race” – a goal race that I could really target.  Of my two real options, I chose the Bread and Honey 15K in Streetsville, Ontario.

For the past six weeks, I have really focussed on my training, logging the miles and workouts as planned; I was set to rock this race.  And, then, it happened….I got sick.

Yes, some things never change.   For whatever reason, some ailment – a cough, bronchitis, infected toe – works its way into my life just before a race.  But, this time, I had the upper hand; I had the time to fight it and win. 

Tomorrow, with clearance from my doctor and a little armoury of antibiotics, I will be toeing the line in Streetsville, Ontario.  And I will be racing towards the time goal (keeping that one quiet for now) I set back at the end of April. Tomorrow, that race is mine. 

Now, excuse me while I go check the forecast….

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  1. I hope your race goes well. You are ready and then you got sick. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do about that one. I look forward to your RR.

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