Keeping It In The Family

Wednesday night is my tempo night.  For the past two years, I’ve either headed out the door every Wednesday night in all types of weather with Shawn (who is still I-listed) or the Toronto Olympic Club.  Mom’s Wednesday night run is a consistent part of our family routine and, while it can sometimes be difficult to get out the door, I always find a way to do it.

So when Little Ironman’s soccer ended up being on Wednesday’s, I was hit with Mommy-guilt.  I’m still out doing my tempo while, since the beginning of June, Daddy and big brother have taken LI to his soccer game.  Selfish?  No.

I can easily justify my run time as it gives the boys a chance to hang out together.  But the truth is my going out to run with other adults is good for me physically and mentally.  Then, when I get home, I’m ready to parent again and put all of my energy into that.   And even though LI and I have planned a few Wednesday’s that I will skip my tempo run so that I can go and watch him play, I am still ridden with guilt on soccer nights.

Yesterday, temperatures and humidity in Oakville soared; with the humidex, the thermonater sat at 44C.  Skipper looked at me as I started to get ready for my run and asked, “Do you want me to ride with you guys tonight?  I can bring water bottles and cups.”  How could I turn that offer down? 

Just before 6:00, my waterboy and I headed out the door – only to find that the tempo was cancelled.  It was much hotter than  expected and  just wasn’t safe.  “Do an easy 30 minute run instead,” Coach Kevin said, “and try to do the 6K loop tomorrow or Friday.”  

So Skipper and I ran back home to tell LI and Daddy that we would meet them at the field, which just happened to be about a 30 minute run away.  We got there, locked Skipper’s bike to the rack and watched LI play soccer.

Then, after the game, it was Daddy’s turn and we dropped him off at the tennis courts.   If only we could channel our energy output to power our fans!

Last night was the first Wednesday in weeks that each of us got the workouts in that we each wanted.  But what made it really special was, somehow, we all managed to do that and watch LI play soccer.  

Will this make my getting out the door next week any less guilt-free?  Probably not.   But it does make me grateful that we each have our own interests and goals, and we are there – albeit  not necessarily physically – to support each other in achieving them.  

Last night, though, the scales were balanced.  Perfection.

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