Battle of the Sexes

Last night, Coach Kevin texted us to say he was running late.  “Warm up for 15 minutes and go to track A.  If there are people there, go to track B.  Start your drills.”

After checking at the Rec. Centre to see if anyone else was waiting, I headed out on my own, got to Track A and saw the lacrosse boys.   Even without the second part of Coach’s message, I knew that meant we’d be at Track B as lacrosse players, if history is correct, don’t like runners.  Last year, they asked the TOC group to leave so, this year, we have just been avoiding them. Last night, when I saw the boys and just as many parents watching, I sighed to the thought of a longer warm-up and headed to Track B.

I was sure the others would be there by the time I got to the other track but I was still alone – completely alone.  The track was locked, the parking lot was empty and construction vehicles surrounded the school.  Rather than run aimlessly, looking for my mates, I took advantage of the empty parking lot and started my drills there.  “This would make a great picture,” I thought.  “Gal in running skirt warming up next to heavy machinery.  Poetic.”

It wasn’t long before I had company and we decided to head back to Track A to look for our tardy coach.  But when we got there, we hesitated about getting on the track as the lads were still on field.  In fact, the track wasn’t being used at all. 

“No, this isn’t right,” I said. “We should be able to get on the track.  I’ll ask.”  Without thinking twice, I boldly approached a group of dads.

“Hi, do you think we could use part of the track?” 

“By all means.  Go right ahead.”

“Thank you.” 

And when I got back to the group, I said, “And that, gentlemen, is why I wear a Running Skirt.”

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