Marathon Weekend

This was the third weekend in four that I’ve been involved in races – without actually racing.  At the end of September, I volunteered at the Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto; the next weekend, I held a cross-country practice for my school athletes; today, I volunteered again at the Scotiabank marathon.  As with any race weekend, I’ve walked away with many good stories to share.  My favorite, though, came from my husband.

Yesterday, Dave called me from the Scotiabank Marathon Expo and commented on the number of people he met who knew me.  “Really?” I asked.  “So, do you feel famous?” 

“Well, sort of,” he replied, quickly followed by, “Joanne says hello.”



“Joanne who?”

Dave told me her name and added, “When I met her, she asked if you were my wife.  Then, she asked,  ‘Is Cynthia as fast as ever?’
“Really?”  I asked.  “So you’re telling me that some woman you don’t know came up to you and asked if you have a fast wife?”

“Ah, yeah, I guess it was something like that.”


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