You Know You’re a Runner When….

Little Ironman, almost 7 years old, has always had his own opinion about what he should (or should not) be wearing.  Before he even turned three, LI refused to put on a shirt that I had bought for him.  “I don’t like that one, Mommy,” he argued.  “Take it back.”  I knew I was in trouble.

After 2 or 3 other episodes like this, I stopped shopping for him on my own.  It made much more sense to take him clothes shopping with me so that he could pick out what he liked and wear it.   Crazy, I know, but there are some positives.  First, LI’s clothes are worn and worn out, rather than left in a drawer waiting for some other child to claim and appreciate them.  Secondly, over the years, not only has he developed his own sense of style, he has gained a good sense of fashion.

On Saturday, the day after I got back from the Scotiabank Marathon Expo, LI asked if I could buy him a pair of arm sleeves.

“Arm sleeves?  What do you need those for?”  I immediately imagined him creating some kind of Halloween costume.

“Well, when I wear a t-shirt to school and my teacher asks me to put on a sweater to go outside, it’s just annoying.  Arm sleeves would be so much better.  Then, I could just go like this (pretending to put one on) and this (pretending to put on the other).  It would be so much faster.”

And he’s right.  Arm sleeves would be much better.  He would just have to grow into them first.

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