Wacky Wednesday

My grade six class has been busy studying personality traits of fictional and non-fictional characters.  Today, the students completed a sheet in which they had to describe three characters that we have read this year and provide evidence of the traits they selected.

One student, Chris, decided to describe Terry Fox, Canada’s hero towards the fight against Cancer.  For those who may not know Terry Fox, he attempted to run a marathon a day to cross Canada, create more of an awareness of Cancer, raise funds towards research and, hopefully, finding a cure.  Terry Fox began his journey on the East Coast but only ran as far as Thunder Bay before doctors discovered that his cancer had spread and was forced to stop.  Chris described Terry as determined, caring and smelly.

“Ah, Chris, can you come over here?” I asked when the class was working.
“Does this say smelly?”
“Um, why is Terry Fox smelly?”

“Well, he ran a lot.”

I’m not sure which is funnier, his choice of adjective or his evidence.

But now that I think about it, I sure hope he wasn’t trying to tell me something.

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