On The Road from Recovery

This weekend, Skipper (who just turned 12) got together with a few of his buddies to study for a Science test.  When I asked him why he decided to get the group organized, I expected him to answer “I had nothing better to do on Saturday.”  Instead, he replied, “Mademoiselle said we should study with some friends and talk ideas out so I did.”  He listened to his teacher’s advice.

In the past year, I have also learned to listen to advice: my coach’s.  I usually understand the reasoning behind his workouts and, when I don’t, he’ll take the time to explain them to me.   And while I may not always like what’s in store for me, I follow through with the “plan”; after all, everything that he has prescribed has made me a better runner.

The two weeks off running after my fall season – to let my body rest and recover, to help prevent injury – were tough on me.  It wasn’t the time off that was difficult; it was the getting started again.  Even with a few light runs and many days of spinning on my windtrainer, I’ve jumped back into training feeling completely out of shape.

I think this is mostly because my pacing is completely out of whack, which I believe is a result of training for the half-marathon distance in early fall,  jumping into some fast and furious cross-country after, and then taking it really easy.  I’m finding these weeks returning back to running very frustrating – very frustrating.

But, like my son, I listen; I will continue to do what I’m told.  I know that I’ll see the payoff; I just have to stick with the plan.

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  1. It's funny how we get out of our groove sometimes. Personally I'm such a creature of habit and now that I'm trying to shake up my workouts I can feel my body wanting to do the same old thing. All the best with your plan and sticking to it!

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