A letter of apology to my quads

Dear Quads,

                  Please, don’t hate me when you get up in the morning.  I know that these past few days have been rough on us and you have no idea how much it hurts me to see you so upset.   Things will get better.  I promise.

You have every right to be cross with me.  We spent so much time together this summer; we ran hills, cycled around Halton and shared many tingling ice baths together.  Once school started again, things simply got busy. I tried to make up for my lack of attention towards you with a massage (you do remember that, don’t you?) but I suppose it just wasn’t enough to keep you happy.  Quite honestly, I simply didn’t have the time to pamper you the way I use to.  I suppose, though, that it wasn’t until we were forced to spend time apart (during my two week rest period) that our relationship really changed.  As I dove into my work, you just sat there quietly and said nothing. 

I deserved your lack of flexibility when I was ready to spend time with you again.  Yes, getting to know each other over the past few weeks has been difficult.  And the decision to go to hilly Terra Cotta yesterday was all mine; I completely understand your hesitation about giving it your all.  Even though you weren’t quite ready to be a team yet, you did your best.

Tonight, I thought I would woo you back with a gentle shake-out run but I realize now that I put too much pressure on you.  I know how much you’re hurting. 

Holidays are coming, dear Quads.  Soon we will be able to wrap you in the warmth of sub-zero tights and head back into the hills for some more repeats.  We will make plans for the future and go after them.  Soon, dear Quads.  Soon.


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