When to Marathon

Deciding to run a marathon is easy.  Deciding to train for a marathon is hard work.

Last June, I had to make a choice between a fall and spring marathon.  I had that burning urge to run in October but I also wanted to race cross-country.   Coach also encouraged the cross-country as he felt that I would be able to run well at the Masters level.   I decided that I would give it a try.  After all, there is always another marathon; cross-country races are harder to find.

Fast forward to January.  Hubs and I had to pick my marathon date.  We looked at Pittsburgh, Goodlife, Mississauga and Cleveland.   I liked the idea of going to the States but rushing out of town with the family on a Friday after school for a Sunday marathon and heading back home to be at work the next day just didn’t appeal to me.  Cleveland’s timing is great as it is our long weekend but, after reading several reviews about the beat-up condition of its roads, we decided against that.  I’ve run Goodlife and didn’t really want to do it again.  Most importantly, though, Mississauga was Shawn’s race.  The kids at his school are running the relay on the Saturday night in his memory so it seems only fitting that I marathon in Mississauga the next morning.

My base is solid and I’ve slowly been building distance.  Since last Wednesday, though, I’ve been off sick: bronchitis.  It’s now been 9 days since I’ve run (or been able to do any type of cardio) and I’m starting to panic.   But I’m hopeful that I’ll be strong enough to run in the next few days and I can continue my quest.  

Deep down, I’ve already come to terms that this spring marathon may not be in the cards for me.  Just in case, I’m looking at other running goals, like a half-marathon PB.  And I’m telling myself over and over, “There is always another marathon.”

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