My Old Green Sweater

Last Spring, I promised my principal that I would wear school colours to Boston.  However, finding something green to run in became an impossible task so I resorted to wearing my school sweater to the start line. 

I’ve had my green sweater for years.  I bought it 6 Septembers ago, when I first started working there, and wore it as my coaching sweater.  But it wasn’t long before it became a favorite sweater as it was comfy and easy to clean.
After a few years of washing and wearing, my school sweater was showing its age; it was time to replace.  However, I couldn’t justify getting rid of it as it wasn’t ripped, torn, stained or too small.  

When I packed for Boston, I took this sweater with me.  It was my official “throw-away sweater” – the old top that I could wear to the start line, take off just before the race and leave it for kids to pick up and give to charity.  But Boston’s starting temperatures were hot; my sweater ended up back in my bag and I took it back home to Oakville.

On Sunday, I wore this same green sweater to The Around the Bay 5K, again intending to leave it for kids to pick up for charity.  I warmed up in it, but when I learned that our club’s coaches were going to meet us at the start and take our gear, I filled its pockets with one girl’s necklace, another’s phone, and my sunglasses.  As promised, there, at the start, Coach Kevin collected it and, immediately after the race, Coach Greg gave it back.
In two races, I have tried to get rid of this sweater but it keeps boomeranging back to me. My next attempt will be to wear it to the start line of the Buffalo Marathon.  There, I hope I can finally get rid of it and I’ll finally have the excuse I need to replace it. 

Will somebody, please, take it?  

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