Wacky Wednesday: My Junior Designer

I love my running skirts.  I’ve worn them for years and never tire of them, never think about going back to shorts.  Running skirts by Running Skirts.com are comfortable, feel great and are fashionable.  Mine also double as work clothes when I coach track and cross-country at school as I can wear them in class and easily get to practice quickly at lunch without worrying about having to change.  So I was devastated a few weeks ago when the little dude asked, “Mom, when you run with me, do you have to wear a skirt because it’s kind of weird – you know, running in a skirt?”  It’s a good thing that I was speechless or I would have grounded him.
On Saturday, though, the dude suddenly turned his thinking around when I got back from my run in the original camo skirt.  “Mom, wait there!  Look at your skirt!” 
“Oh oh,” I thought.  “Here it comes again.”
“It looks like Minecraft!”   He looked closely at the skirt, pointed to the different sections and added, “See.  It’s just like the blocks in Minecraft!  That is so cool.” 
He was absolutely fixated by the style and had to show me on the computer.  “Look at the blocks.  They’re the same.  Mom!  It’s a Minecraft Skirt!”
Clever kid.  His sense of fashion suddenly expanded to women’s running gear (and, in the process, redeemed him from his senseless comment weeks earlier). That night, he put together the visual above to compare the two and explain the new name.   It looks he may have a future in marketing. 
And, by the way, he still lets me wear a skirt when I run with him.

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