Making It Work

Some days, it is easy to get through the “to do” list; others, it seems just plain impossible.  On those days, cutting out my run seems like the most logical thing to do.  However, when that happens, I get angry at myself, feel uptight until I get my next workout in and am simply crankier around the house.  My run, then, is rarely missed – unless kids get in the way.

My boys are my priority.  With back to school this month, I’ve had less time with them.  I realized the impact that this had on LI the other morning when he said, “I like it when you drive us to school because it means we get to have some time together.”  Wow!  Those words made it clear that I need to spend more time with the family.  The question, though, is “How?”  How do I work, run, get all of the household tasks done and still have some time set aside with the family?  What has to go?

Nothing.  Life is full of compromises and give and take.  And life is about balance.  Somehow, some way, everything will get done if I juggle things carefully.  Last night was a good example.

My husband was away overnight and Saturday was filled with “kids’ stuff”, which meant I couldn’t run until evening.  By the time we got home, it was 6:00 and the boys needed dinner.  Daylight running time was becoming shorter and my motivation to run was quickly dropping.  I looked at both boys and asked, “Do you want me to do my long run tonight or tomorrow morning?”  I really was hoping for a couple of mama’s boys who wanted a quiet Saturday night together.  Instead I got, “I’d prefer that you do it tonight.”  The other agreed, “Yeah, tonight.  We’re good.”

And that was the kick that I needed.  I could have made the decision not to run but I did get it done, albeit at the unusual time of Saturday night.  But the boys realized that I need that time to get out; they knew how important that run was for me.  So I changed, laced up and ran a comfortable, carefree ten miles.  And when I got home, they were “good”.

When I think about making time for the things that matter, it can be done.  All you need is (1) a goal to do it, (2) commitment or determination and (3) support from others.  Luckily for me, I have all three.

Looking back, though, I do wonder: just why did they prefer that I run?  Hmmmm….

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